Japanese Beef Tataki In Lettuce Cups

January 24, 2017



This dish is moorish. During the week I love eating carb free and this meal is so delicious you wont know it's healthy. The steak is tender and juicy, the marinade is a perfect balance of salty, sour and sweet, complimented by the crunch of the lettuce and carrot make this dish a pleasure to eat any day of the week.



3 boneless steak fillets 200-250g each
1 tbsp of sesame oil

1 iceberg lettuce separated into cups
2 grated carrots

2 tsps of Mirin



100ml soy sauce 

1 tbsp of Mirin

50ml sake (rice wine) 

100ml white Vinegar

1 tbsp fresh ginger, finely grated or Gourmet Garden Ginger paste


2 green shallots finely chopped



  1. Put a large frypan over a high heat and allow to heat. The pan is ready when you put a drop of water on the pan and it sizzles quickly.

  2. Once it has reached this temperature pour in your sesame oil. Tip the pan to allow the sesame oil to spread.  If you have a small frypan only cook the steaks one at a time if you have a large frypan, put all three steaks in the frypan and flip every 20 seconds or so. Cook for the following durations depending on how you like your steak.

    Rare: 5 minutes.
    Medium: 7 minutes
    Well Done: 10 minutes


  3. I like my steak rare as you can see in the picture. The flipping technique is one of Heston Blumenthal's and I highly recommend it. Flipping the steak traps the juices and ensures that the meat doesn't get too hot on any one side, whilst still achieving a lovely golden sear on the outside.

  4. Once your steak is cooked put it on a plate to rest for 5 minutes.

  5. While your steak is resting prepare your marinade. Combine soy sauce, mirin, sake, vinegar and ginger in a large jug or bowl.

  6. Prepare your carrot salad: Combine Carrot and mirin together in a bowl.

  7. Once your steak has rested, put it on a chopping board and finely slice to achieve slithers of beef as in the second image.

  8. Arrange the steak on a platter like the first image and pour your marinade over the beef pieces ensuring each piece is covered with some of the marinade. Allow to sit for a few minutes. Flipping them over during this process achieves a more marinated meat flavour.

  9. Sprinkle your sliced shallots over the top of the meat.

  10. To eat take a lettuce cup, pile on a spoon of carrot, steamed rice (if you like)and a few pieces of your beef.


Sake is the perfect drink with this dish.

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