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About Me

I am a passionate food curator. If you said to me, Chantal tomorrow you can do anything you like, I would take you on a yacht somewhere hot, with good food, wine and great friends. Life is here to be enjoyed why not eat your way through it?


February 7, 2018

September 28, 2017

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Life and food...
meant to be shared
Recipes for quick and healthy midweek meals
For when you need a hint of sweet in your life


Life Through Food Coloured Glasses is about celebrating the two best things in life... Food and Friends. I have a passion for pairing people to food and drinks. I would love to share my cooking adventures with you.
I have also created this site to be a collection of recipes I have tried, tested and fallen in love with, ones that I want to remember and share.
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I recently discovered potato starch and it makes sweet potato super crispy!! So these little things are made with potato starch. I get it from source bulk foods but I’m pretty sure Coles sell it too! You can toss chicken and sweet potato chips in it and it works a trea...